Cloud Services

Achieve business agility and resilience through our cloud advisory, roadmap, and solutions. Our expertise empowers you to navigate the cloud landscape effectively, ensuring seamless cloud adoption and optimizing your business operations for enhanced flexibility and adaptability. Embrace our comprehensive cloud services to drive innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Cloud Consulting Solutions to Optimize Performance and Costs

As the demands of applications, data, and devices grow, legacy IT infrastructures may struggle to keep up, prompting businesses to embrace the Cloud. When implemented effectively, the Cloud becomes a transformative solution, enabling organizations to reduce operational costs, foster innovation, and overcome legacy obstacles. By leveraging the Cloud's capabilities, businesses can streamline operations, optimize resources, and position themselves for success in a dynamic and competitive digital landscape.

Percipient Techs is a prominent Cloud solutions consulting leader, dedicated to unleashing the full potential of the Cloud through our comprehensive suite of services. Our approach involves a close examination of your specific needs, challenges, and technology environment, enabling us to devise tailored and long-lasting Cloud solutions that propel your business into a connected and transformed future. Leveraging our strategic alliances with AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, we facilitate the evolution of your Cloud capabilities, opening new revenue opportunities, building Cloud-based applications, expediting product releases, and achieving up to 50% reduction in infrastructure costs. With our expertise, your business can embrace Cloud technology confidently and accelerate its journey towards success and growth.

Our Cloud Offerings

Our extensive Cloud services deliver groundbreaking results, driving disruptive outcomes for your business. With a comprehensive range of Cloud offerings, we enable you to unlock innovation, efficiency, and agility, transforming the way you operate and empowering you to stay ahead in the competitive market. Embrace our Cloud solutions to achieve game-changing results and propel your business towards a future of success and growth.

Cloud Consulting Services

We provide expert guidance to businesses, ensuring they adopt the most suitable practices and platforms for migrating legacy infrastructures and applications. Our approach includes creating a roadmap that facilitates a seamless transition with minimal operational disruption. By leveraging our expertise, businesses can confidently navigate the migration process, modernize their IT landscape, and unlock the benefits of the latest technologies while minimizing any potential disruptions to their operations.

Cloud Migration Services

At Percipient Techs, we collaborate with businesses to enhance their digital capabilities by seamlessly migrating their existing applications and platforms to the most suitable Cloud environment - be it public, private, or hybrid. Our frictionless migration approach ensures a smooth transition, enabling businesses to harness the full potential of Cloud technology and drive innovation, efficiency, and growth. With our expertise, businesses can transform their operations and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Cloud Application Development

With our experts' Cloud-native capabilities, we develop, test, and deploy mission-critical applications with utmost efficiency. Our services encompass guiding you in selecting the right technology stack, creating strategic architecture, and seamlessly implementing CI/CD pipelines. Through our expertise, your business can embrace Cloud-native practices to drive innovation, accelerate development cycles, and ensure the successful deployment of business-critical applications.

Cloud Management

Our team of Cloud specialists excels in configuring, managing, and optimizing your IT infrastructure, ensuring precise Cloud configuration and performance strategies. We work closely with businesses to establish a robust Cloud foundation, eliminating unnecessary resource consumption and streamlining heavy workflows. By leveraging our expertise, your business can efficiently manage and optimize its IT infrastructure, driving cost-effectiveness and enhancing overall performance in the Cloud environment.

Cloud Security

At our core, we equip businesses to face cybersecurity challenges effectively while ensuring compliance and meeting audit requirements. Our comprehensive security management covers all angles, including penetration testing and advanced threat prevention for Cloud-based applications, containers, and infrastructures. With our services, you can rest assured knowing that your critical assets are safeguarded, allowing you to focus on your core business with peace of mind.

DevOps and Automation

With our skilled Cloud practitioners, we empower enterprises to adopt automation tools and DevOps practices that drive transformative results. From seamlessly adopting Agile standards to implementing technology for Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery and deploying container orchestration platforms, we guide you through every step of the process. Our expertise ensures that your journey towards Cloud-based automation and DevOps is smooth, efficient, and delivers impactful outcomes for your business.

Our Cloud Partner Ecosystem

Amazon Web Services

As trusted Amazon Web Services Partners, we offer a complete range of Cloud services and solutions tailored to meet enterprise needs effectively. With our team of AWS experts, businesses can seamlessly migrate their legacy infrastructure and applications to the Cloud. We ensure a smooth transition, empowering businesses to harness the full potential of AWS and leverage Cloud technology to drive innovation and success.

Microsoft Azure

With our strong Microsoft Azure partnership, we provide custom services and solutions to enable a smooth migration of applications and infrastructures to the Azure Cloud. Our team of Azure experts and agile methodology simplify the complexities of Cloud adoption and migration, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition. By leveraging our expertise, businesses can confidently embrace Azure Cloud, optimizing their operations and unlocking the benefits of Cloud technology with ease.

Google Cloud

We specialize in providing tailored Google Cloud services, customizing solutions according to your business maturity level and specific needs. With our proven expertise and Google Cloud competency, combined with the DevOps approach, we ensure a comprehensive and seamless delivery cycle for effortless deployment. By leveraging our capabilities, your business can optimize operations and achieve successful outcomes in the Google Cloud environment, fostering innovation and growth.

Business Benefits

Harness the Power of the Cloud for an Unprecedented Experience

Optimized Costs

Businesses need not invest in maintaining on-premise IT infrastructure; they pay only for what they use.


Stringent security regulations keep business data safe from malware, hacks, and internal theft.

Easy Scalability

Seamless scalability and agility of Cloud platforms help address fluctuating workloads without a hitch.

Business Continuity

Automated back-up and DR solutions ensure minimal to no impact on operations in the event of a disaster.

Industry Use Cases


As an eminent Cloud solution provider, we helped an online travel company ease their Cloud journey by seamlessly migrating their infrastructure to AWS. We further developed a Cloud-based application to enable the client to deliver an enhanced user experience.


Re-architected and migrated the on-promise data center of a group holding company to the Cloud in a phased manner. Hundreds of servers were moved to an auto-scalable public Cloud, providing improved agility, automation, and business capabilities to the client.


Developed a Cloud-based network between the automotive suppliers and manufacturers to facilitate the sharing of data on parts and product availability; the solution streamlined their manufacturing process and significantly improved customer service.


Reduced the high capital expenditure of a leading healthcare company by strategically migrating their core IT assets to the Cloud. The economies of scale offered by the Cloud enabled them to convert their capital expenditure (CapEx) into operating expenses (OpEx).


Migrated an education institution’s data from their on-premise servers to a secure private Cloud and enabled authorized access across the network; the solution helped the client meet regulatory compliance with no disruption in their day-to-day operations.


Developed a Cloud-based inventory management application with interactive dashboards and real-time reporting for a global manufacturer of dispensing systems using the microservices architecture.

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